Tango to Hell
I'm Danny, 19 years old, FTM, Pansexual, Potterhead, little monster, obsessive reader, good listener and pretty much awkward. Harry Potter, RENT, Eragon, LOTR,The Hunger Games, Marvel, A series of unfortunate events, Percy Jackson, poetry,Elementary, my transition and photography.

Today i went to a gay nightclub for the first time and i just felt out of place, i felt uncomfortable the whole time. I want to meet someone nice and talk, get to know each other. I’m tired of feeling alone

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I’m getting hospitalized again, i just couldn’t take it any longer so i guess it’s goodbye for now. I’ll miss talking to you guys,

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The night comes and I change, a hole in my chest that cannot be filled consumes me. Every drop of joy disappears and the darkness takes over, I am alone. My medication doesn’t seem to work anymore, I can’t sleep, I don’t want to sleep. I’m tired. I just want to be normal.

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Selfie at the hospital!

Selfie at the hospital!

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3 hours post op 

I am alright just a bit uncomfortable. It’s over, I made it and it feels amazing.

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9 hours 32 minutes till Top surgery

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2 days till Top Surgery 

I have never been so nervous in my whole life and yet I am thrilled about it. Only two more days, that’s it.

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Good morning!

Good morning!

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Hello there!

Hello there!

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